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Articles on Teaching and Managing a Dojo

This section is to highlight and share ideas, articles and understanding on running a traditional martial arts dojo. It is hard to attract people to your dojo with the advent of MMA but remember that we offer true martial arts training and these articles hopefully will inspire you, help you and keep you on the path of our forefathers.

Type Description Link
Curriculum Creating age appropriate curriculum PDF
Kid Tigers Curriculum - For ages 4 to 6 Years PDF
Money Managing Make a budget and stick to it PDF
  Setting prices for lessons / membership PDF
Marketing Budgeting and why to market your dojo PDF
Developing extra money makers to pay the rent PDF
Fundraising Let's face it...no dojo can do without fundraising PDF
Event Management Creating and running a successful tournament PDF
Hosting a Seminar - How to make it great PDF
Kyoshi's Thoughts Don't sell out - avoiding the MMA craze and why PDF
Students must earn their belts...parents will thank you PDF