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Volume 1 - ISSUE 04

January to March FEATURES
Is Bunkai Real?
Understanding what is hidden in Kata today...
What exactly are Sempai?
Does the term manner inside the arts & dojo?
The White Crane of Karate
When Karate developed it used many aspects of Shaolin systems from China..the White Crane being its most influential...
Sen no Sen - Kumite concepts
With in Kumite you must master Sen no Sen...
Editorial Column - Respecting other Sensei
Editorial Column - Watering Down to Make Money
Philosophy Column - Where do we go from here?
Event Calendar - What's Happening?
Advertising Information - Reach out to thousands
Student Essays - Thoughts from our Karate Ka
Classified Ads - Coming Soon

Fudoshin Magazine is a bi-quarterly publication on training and living the martial arts as a way of life. It is dedicated to traditional martial art systems with articles, insight and commentary about training ideas, history and philosophy. We sincerely hope you enjoy this free online publication and we welcome comments at any time. Please use our contact us page to send inquiries, advertisement requests or general questions.

If you are a martial artist with a good article idea please use the link for Submitting Your Article. We look forward to offering publication to martial artists who live the way of Budo.

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